Unistraw Inc.

The multi-award winning Unistraw™ Delivery System (UDS) is the good energy straw - our patented straw-drinking technology. The UDS can add flavour, and soon energy, vitamins, nutrition - and even pharmaceuticals - to liquid sipped through it. The UDS is not just a new product – it is the basis of a whole new category of products. It will change the way people consume beverages globally, and have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people around the world.

The UDS is simple, yet ingenious. It has 3 parts:

  • A recyclable, transparent straw
  • Unique filters, at each end of the straw
  • Hundreds of extraordinary and adaptable UniBeads inside each straw that deliver flavour and more to liquids sipped through the straw

We assemble Unistraw products in state-of-the-art and high-capacity manufacturing facilities that meet the key international accreditations including HACCP, ISO, IFS, and BRC; with relevant products achieving international Kosher and Halal certifications.

The Unistraw™ Delivery System (UDS) successfully launched by Unistraw International Limited in late 2005, as Sipahh™ Milk Flavouring Straws, seems so simple that many remark ‘why didn’t I think of that’!

In fact, Peter Baron, a graphic and industrial designer thought of the idea and then spent seven arduous and sometimes frustrating years refining the design, developing the production technology and consolidating the associated intellectual property. The final product after those seven years of perseverance and AUS$12 million dollars spent on development is a unique technology with a myriad of applications and a very bright future. A truly revolutionary product that is no doubt the envy of many!

More than 30 talented people have been recruited to assist with the actualisation of Unistraw International Limited’s strategic plan for global expansion and for the introduction of subsequent new products based on the Unistraw Delivery System.

Achievements so far……..

Sipahh™ Milk Flavouring Straws

The first product line manufactured using the innovative Unistraw Delivery System technology was Sipahh™ Milk Flavouring Straws. The product was greeted by both consumers and retailers with a huge amount of enthusiasm and support. Since its launch in October 2005, Unistraw has won five international ‘Best New Product’ awards for Sipahh. It has achieved 100% distribution in Australia and New Zealand grocery stores and is on track to be in more than 86 countries during 2007.

Sipahh fits perfectly into the global food consumption trend toward healthier, more wholesome and convenient products, that deliver nutritional benefits in a novel way. Children of all ages enjoy the wide range of flavours available. The original launch flavours of Chocolate, Banana, Caramel and Strawberry were expanded to include Toffee Apple, Cookies & Cream and Choc-Mint in June 2006. The plan is to further expand the flavour range in the future to maintain consumer interest.

Mai’a™ Iced Coffee Straws

Building on the enthusiasm from the marketplace generated by the introduction of Sipahh, Unistraw launched a second innovative product in September 2006. Mai’a Iced Coffee Straws are aimed at the target market of 18-30 year old adults. Mai’a Iced Coffee straws come in four coffee flavours – Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte and Mocha.

Where to next?

It is Unistraw International Limited’s vision that “everyone, everywhere, everyday” will consume one of their straws. Unistraw has the ability via its technology to potentially shape future global beverage consumption.

The key consumer trends for the global food industry have been identified as health and convenience. This trend provide the perfect conditions for the continued development and future introduction of the Unistraw Delivery System to products that simultaneously offer consumers health benefits and convenience and the ability to choose their preferred flavour and liquid base.

Unistraw has been recognised internationally for the innovative nature of its Sipahh product and the multitude of opportunities for further product expansion across a wide range of applications. In light of this, Unistraw has attracted significant interest from beverage, food, nutrition, cosmetics, alcohol and pharmaceutical companies worldwide – who realise its potential to revolutionise food, beverage and therapeutic product distribution.