Mix1 begins with those of us who strive to live healthy lifestyles in the real world. Ideally, we would all love to treat our bodies like temples. Unfortunately, balancing work, families, and a bazillion other things means that we are usually racing just to keep up with daily demands. Although we strive to eat a balanced diet, reality often forces us to supplement our diets with something easy and fast -- at least once a day, if not all day long.

Enter three guys who work hard, play hard and also live in the real world. Dr. James Rouse, naturopathic doctor and triathlete, dreamed of creating the perfect beverage for his patients.

He conceived of a drinkable fast food with 100 percent natural ingredients that would help his patients sustain their energy while racing to pick up kids from school or before racing in the Ironman. In short, the perfect mix: a solution for everyone to increase performance in a healthful, convenient way.

Dr. James’s friend Greg Stroh, co-founder of Izze sodas, took a keen interest in starting a new company based on a high-quality, functional product. The two paired up with Wes, operations guru, to create mix1. The team said “GO!” and a new company was born. We hope our product speaks for itself in promoting healthier living for real people who live in the real world.