Conor Medical

Conor Medsystems, Inc., founded in 1999, is a developer of innovative controlled vascular drug delivery technologies. Conor has initially focused on the development of drug-eluting stents to treat coronary artery disease. Conor is seeking to capitalize on the full therapeutic potential of drug-eluting stents through the development of a stent specifically designed for drug delivery.

Rather than retrofitting a bare metal stent with a drug coating, Conor's stent design incorporates hundreds of small holes, each acting as a reservoir into which drug-polymer compositions can be loaded. Through this proprietary design, Conor believes that it can greatly enhance control of the rate and direction of drug delivery, enable a wider range of drug therapies and potentially increase the effectiveness and range of clinical applications of drug-eluting stents.

Conor's objective is to become a technological, clinical, and market leader in the field of controlled vascular drug delivery with innovative drug delivery stents. Conor's clinical efforts are currently focused on the development and commercialization of the company's CoStar™ stent, which is a cobalt chromium paclitaxel-eluting stent, for the treatment of restenosis. Conor is also investigating the potential applicability of its stent technology for myocardial rescue in setting of acute MI, treatment of vulnerable plaque, treatment of reperfusion injury, and treatment of diabetic and metabolic syndrome restenosis.

Through a merger completed on February 1, 2007, Conor Medsystems, Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, the world's most comprehensive and broadly based manufacturer of healthcare products. For more information about Johnson & Johnson, visit the investor relations section of the Johnson & Johnson Website at